Re-Visioning the Hero, Chapter 3: Hero’s Huff











Chapter 3: Hero’s Huff
Re-Visioning the Hero, A Story From Sestina’s Chapel

Seems your head is getting ahead of yourself, Creator
diagnoses. Now is the time to slow down Hero,
be deliberate, explore what spins your self-worth
into vicious, rather than victorious revolutions.
Discover the bends where your spiral’s power
transitions to forward motion through empathy.

Hero argues again, My role is to fight! I vanquish evil. Empathy
is simply what my audience feels as I play the role.
It appears confusion between sympathy and empathy powers
your argument, Creator notes. Sympathy implies recognition of hero’s
plight, while empathy shares our hero’s suffering. Empathy evolves
the group’s unspoken discernment and increases their decision’s worth.

The affinity empathy fertilizes is a foundation of great societal worth.
Why must I develop anything, Hero grumbles, especially empathy.
My role for eons has been to work the plot of good and evil, revolving
principle’s defense into moral high ground’s victory. Tell me Creator,
How does discerning my own shame, make me a hero?
It’s character development, dear Hero, a piston driving personal power.

Name your private humiliations and you will be empowered
to go forward and heal them. The endeavor’s worth
is affirmed when self-healing yields you, our enhanced hero,
to create, rather than vanquish power. Empathy
is the hero-healer’s prescription for peace. Hero-healer? Creator’s
index fingers join at the tip. Yes, it’s how I envision your role evolves.

Being thrown out of the Actor’s Guild is the only evolution
that idea will yield! Haven’t you seen how empowered
my audience feels when they see an enemy shamed? Creator
asks, Are they empowered, or do they just feel empowered? Worthwhile
to discern, just as with shame, this important distinction. Empathy
as a priority, I’ll agree, means redefining the archetypal role of hero.

But why must we re-vision anything, especially me as an archetypal hero?
Shame seems to be working, even in real life! Look how evil evolves
as we heroes shame and stomp it down! Creator is empathetic,
Hear me friend, repeated shaming fails as a positive change agent, its power
is the erosion of both the shamed and shamer’s confidence and self-worth.
This is the truth of ALL parts of self as creator.

Jolting upwards, Hero sends his chair flying, voice filling with angry power.
I refuse to evolve into a new role for a plot so worthless!
Evil will never be conquered by empathy. You are a delusional creator!

© Lori Fleming, 2014

Details on the Sestina poetic form.  Link to Chapter 2 or Chapter 4.


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