Re-Visioning the Hero, Chapter 4: Bat-Bob

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Chapter 4: Bat-Bob
Re-Visioning the Hero, A Story From Sestina’s Chapel
Tossing and turning as the clock registers 2:38 a.m., Creator
lies awake replaying yesterday’s ill-fated meeting with Hero.
The man had stomped out, yelling for all he was worth
(and all to hear) how insane Creator was, with his girly plot points.
For hours Creator has been mulling a myriad ideas to power
compelling Hero’s tongue suddenly be otherwise occupied.

He startles when a filmy outline appears at his bedside, a form occupied
by something sitting on a Harley, in a Batman suit, sporting the face of Creator!
Wha…? Creator’s eyes bulge. Who are you? Why, I am you powering
the brand new plot’s creation and outcomes! Just an aside, I’d cue this hero’s
anthem music, but it’s night and Bonnie Tyler is a bit loud. My point
is, there’s time before the end of the night to prove my worth.

Eyes blinking, Creator’s search for words is worthless.
He must be manufacturing a detailed mirage to occupy
his mind in a way that confirms Hero’s bull-horned point.
All right then, let’s get down to business Mr. Creator,
You remember you call me Bob, right? And that I’m the version of hero
you designed fully endowed? Crickets chirp. I mean, with power.

So I designed a Harley-riding Bat-Bob who looks like me, sporting power?
Yeah, I’d say your imagination is getting its money’s worth!
Where did I get Bob from? Uhm, let’s see, apparently Bob Newhart’s a hero?
Honestly, you create this crazy stuff, I just do my best to occupy
it. Now let’s move to the hero-healing tasks your creator’s
memo wants addressed before the end of the night. First point:

Assess Creator’s challenge points,
identify what he’s feeling. Is he empowered
or disempowered? Well let me think, says Creator
sitting up in bed. Stop it! Bob commands. Thinking is worthless
right now. Close your eyes. Hold your hands up. Let them occupy
the space in front of you. How do you know they’re still there my blinded hero?

Uhm, I feel them? Exactly. You don’t ‘think’ they are there, do you hero?
Now keeping eyes closed, tell me another thing you feel at this point
I feel…I feel like Hero’s a sphincter who won’t let me occupy
the role of Creator because I suggest interacting with power
in some new-fangled way. He’s broadcasting I’m insane, weak and worthless.
Stop there. Now let’s see if I can describe what you feel here, Creator.

Is it fair to say you feel Hero has taken your power?
And at this point he’s taking that power while denouncing your worth?
Yes! He occupies a form of evil to be vanquished! yells Creator.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

Details on the Sestina poetic form.  Link to Chapter 3 or Chapter 5.


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