Re-Visioning the Hero, Chapter 6: Mrs. Crand-Truth

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Chapter 6: Mrs. Crand-Truth
Re-Visioning the Hero, A Story From Sestina’s Chapel
Don’t start warbling It’s a Heartache just yet Creator!
Bat-Bob advises. Perhaps you could be your own hero
right now? But, Creator asks, how can I set myself free?
I believe what Hero says might be true.
Tell me, Bat-Bob says, In what ways does this belief
in your self as a weak creator reveal its might?

Why I feel my ability to heal
any one or anything is grossly compromised! Creator
announces. I second guess myself, and my desired belief
of being a key part of a new world, a real-life creator-hero.
Why, if I am a weak creator, all I’ve hoped is untrue.
My life dissolves into a debtor’s prison from which I will never be free.

You know, Bat-Bob offers, Truth can set you free.
Perhaps you call on Truth and get this twisted belief healed?
A curly-haired, petite Mrs. Crand whisks into the room. That’s Truth?
Bat-Bob whispers. No! That’s my 7th grade English teacher! Creator
seems just as puzzled as Bat-Bob. They both startle when the Shero
bangs on the ceiling. No talking! Creator! Spit out your twisted belief.

There is to be NO TWISTED BELIEF
chewing in my class. This warning is free
but the next one will cost the entire class, you immature creator-heroes.
Now, today we are focusing on specifics requiring healing.
I see you’ve done the homework Creator
I applaud your search in personal’s shame’s muck and untruth.

Class, Creator found something blocking him from living his truth.
An insidious, manipulative, evil force hiding in shame, dressed as a belief!
Mrs. Crand-Truth turns to her blackboard to write something. Creator
leans toward Bat-Bob, My mind was always wander-free
when she taught, unlike most my other classes she always healed
my desire to escape. She compelled my attention. Indeed she’s my Shero

Bat-Bob laughs. Mrs. Crand-Truth doesn’t even turn around to face the hero
before yelling, Bat-Boy listen up! I’ll not have you disrupting this class on truth.
You may remove yourself to sit in the hallway until you heal
yourself of the belief
this classroom is anything but laughter-free
until I say you can laugh. And, She turns around, Listen up now Creator!

My heroes, if you remember nothing from this class, grasp this one true belief
Shero’s chalk emphasizes words on the board, The TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!
Come on now, everyone, repeat after me. I AM A MIGHTY Creator.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

Details on the Sestina poetic form.  Link to Chapter 5 or Chapter 7.


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