Re-Visioning the Hero, Chapter 7: Bionic Flight








Chapter 7: Bionic Flight
Re-Visioning the Hero, A Story From Sestina’s Chapel
The words, ‘I AM a MIGHTY…’ are ringing through Creator’s
bedroom, when a loud swoosh! of wind sucks up his Shero, 
disappearing Mrs. Crand-Truth without any notice!
Creator abruptly stops his empowered chant. His eyes explore
the bedroom’s corners and floors, even the mirror, for any reflection,
of what he’d imagined, and more importantly, something to trust.

Just then a 2003 Harley Road King, emblazoned with ‘Thrust-Truster’
in black on its silver tank, roars into the room. Hop on, Creator!
It looks like the Bionic Man who spins with a flourish. With no time to reflect,
Creator’s perched, motorcycle roaring up through the roof with he and new hero.
Where are we going? Creator yells into the wind. To explore!
Steve Boston yells. A connection you’ve created calls your notice!

Really? I created it? Creator shouts. Did you happen to notice
I have no helmet and we’re speeding by airplanes up here! Trust
me, Boston assures, you’re quite safe with me. It seems exploring
thought’s creation means getting someplace faraway in record time! Creator
gulps and squeezes his body a little closer to the bionic hero.
He bends into wind’s force, squinting against sun’s reflection.

Traveling this close to the sun brings to mind the reflection
of the Icarus, a mythical Greek character Creator had noticed
while researching innumerable historical heroes.
Icarus ends up dead in the myth, then centuries later named as the trust
of narcissistic symptoms an Ivy-leaguer dubs the ‘Icarus Complex’. Creator
wonders, am I suffering a bit of Icarus myself? Wasn’t exploring

too near the sun what melted his wax-feather wings? Didn’t the exploration
end in a sea dive and subsequent death? The reflectible
aspect here is I’m spending too much time exploring, instead, Creator
thinks, of taking my message to the masses. It’s the masses need my notice,
to be led, shown how to change themselves and develop trustworthy
solutions to all the world’s problems. They need my re-visioned hero!

Flying above the Earth’s convexing landscape, our New England hero
banks the motorcycle sharply southward, bionic eyes exploring
some landing strip Creator is not sure he trusts
exists. Actually, he can’t see anything now that the sun’s reflection
has blinded his eyes. Steve Boston lands the bike, then turns his head. Notice
anything you recognize Creator?

It looks like we’re parked atop marbled heroes on Parthenon’s reflection?
Good work! See the motto carved there in the shadow? Explore, Notice
Reflect and Trust – what do you think it applies to Creator?

© Lori Fleming, 2014

Details on the Sestina poetic form.
Link to Chapter 6 or Chapter 8.


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