Re-Visioning the Hero, Chapter 8: Athena’s Aviary











Chapter 8: Athena’s Aviary
Re-Visioning the Hero, A Story From Sestina’s Chapel

Winded and windy atop an imposing Doric column, Creator
notes golden light’s dusk. He turns to Steve Boston, his hero.
Alas, the chauffeur has departed, without attracting his notice!
Creator sighs, noting his pedestal’s a unique position to explore
Parthenon’s realm, Acropolis’ history strewn in pieced reflection.
Yet honestly, no one would have tagged him as a Greek history trust.

Body turning carefully, his fear of heights breeding mistrust
the man startles at a sphere-bound owl with beady stare! Creator,
yelps in un-hero-like syllables. I am Athena’s Aviary, reflecting,
Owl preens then continues, on gods and heroes,
immortalized here in historic dust, their exploration’s
beginning to end, philosophized far beyond their notice.

Shaking his head, Creator wonders if his notice
is slipping realities. What must I do to trust
what I see is not my imagination gone exploring?
What if it IS your imagination exploring, Creator?
Imagination’s the very ingredient creates new reality’s hero.
Owl falls silent and Creator stands, lost in reflection.

I am here, he muses, so light’s reflection
can reveal next action to be properly noticed
by those who will fund, endorse, and become the heroes
my Earth needs. Owl’s head turns 360 degrees, I trust
a well-rounded perspective is welcomed by you? Creator
nods. Then know I admire your purposeful exploration,

though I must tell you, this Owl explores,
er, hunts only at dusk, in the way philosophy’s reflection
reveals just as instruction’s opportunity is done. Creator
sits down on Doric’s column, discovering his notice
craves something solid. Owl continues, I trust
you know as one becomes, or in your case, creates, a hero

truth commands what was any hero’s
path will never be rejuvenated. Past is past. Explore
instead self of worth, creativity, and imagination. These trusts
hold your truth, knowing, and being – in all reflections.
Creator feels annoyance’s surge. I am here to connect a Sun’s notice
In defense of Earth’s beauty – yet you say, look in the mirror Creator?!

The untested hero desires to create heroes, yes? Owl reflects.
Now hear this, Earth will take care of her self. It’s you on notice.
Find your inner-sun misplaced at birth, then trust all is revealed, Creator!

© Lori Fleming

Click here for more of Paul Reiffer’s photography.  Also, a link to a beautiful video of the  Sculptures by the Lake, where this Owl Sculpture lives.

Details on the Sestina poetic form.  Link to Chapter 7.


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