The Pendulum Waves a Divine Design – A Chant Royal











There once was a Spirit desiring a fling
with the kind of matter one could move into – 
with space and time of one’s own – to be and dance and sing.
A chance to create with hands so enticing – blue
berry pies, smelling like heaven, colorful quilts and
joyful stories, inspired experiences as yet unplanned.
Why, I’m going to do it now! Spirit thought and called upon
Light while pushing and tucking til energy was spent, gone
to occupy human form, all cradled in density’s line.
Then in horror she realized, My connection to All is withdrawn!
The pendulum waves a divine design.

Now stuck in a body with chattering mind springs
Spirit’s Light has lost the way through
worry and fear’s crowd-awful space. Wing
and a prayer indeed! Top it off with multiple ‘yous’
sloughing their weight and huffing their stands
o’er every imaginable topic – why it was a terrible band –
these mobs of thought gunning the land. Where’s the Sun?
She raged to the mirror. Where’s the me having fun, cute as a bun?
I’m so very crowded and yet all alone. Give me a sign.
I need to be seen. My fight or flight threatens a run!
The pendulum waves a divine design.

The next moment she yelps in pain, a bee’s sting
delivered upon request, leaving her profile a tad askew.
She stares in the mirror at the sting’s swollen ring
wishing she’d been more specific. If I knew
you were there I’d have asked something a bit more bland
like ruffling of hair or something quite grand.
Spirit grins, you’ll have to excuse the pun,
but you didn’t seem available for anything fun.
I am magic, tho’ your thoughts’ faultlines
give me little choice except outcomes you’ll shun.
The pendulum waves a divine design.

Oh dear, it’s all my fault. Her hands start to wring,
I’ve just no idea of what to do.
This body requires innumerable dollar things
While mind’s safety bulletins are driving me cuckoo
What made me think I wanted to land
here, of all places, to create and expand?
Spirit laughed. It seems your thoughts are set on reruns
blocking the view of you and me in anyone.
Why look in the mirror surely it’s a sign!
Yes, but wait, she puzzled, of you I see none.
The pendulum waves a divine design.

Be still, turn down your warbling.
Now look again. This is me, though not in a tutu.
Hear me now: I can be found in anything
even those bullet-ravaged classrooms. See the me that is you
and know the you that is me. Now there, it’s not un-won
this being seen you crave. I cannot aband-
don you – I AM you, as well as music and milk, cousins and guns,
cars and snow leopards – I can never be outrun.
It’s your move. Direct and define
If this is me, what do I see? Your expansion has now begun.
The pendulum waves a divine design.

Ah, light dawns revealing a none-
to-small smirk. There was no abandon-
ment upon occupation of form’s frontline,
I simply lost eyes to see beyond, to Spirit’s sum.
The pendulum waves a divine design.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

Details of the Chant Royal poetic form.
Inspiration video for this poem.
Overview of the Foucault Pendulum.
Link to PDF of Umberto Eco’s book ‘Foucault Pendulum.



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