A Tri-Glosa Weaving Poetic Lab 1001.04










What must I do
to build a bridge

So many wrongs
reflect within
the past.
Feeling for right,
reveal the way
shadow and she
now travel together.

Value’s players
lost in night
discovering light
through sense of loss
call self-worth
our freedom’s dealer
denied visibility.

Search the mirror
a connection
activate now
to find a sun
with sci-full and
soulful awareness
misplaced at birth
art-full feelers
beyond iniquity.

For the beauty of the earth,
I am the healer
What’s done is done, surrendered in equity,

This soul-bit’s
questioned beliefs
one song
line by line
each word’s
healing tones
turned around
syllabic soul
gently rock
Spirited rhymes
ways of hearing
a lullaby’s
ways of seeing
at last
healing force
initiates unfolding
this bridge complete.

Enlightened heart
earth to sky
green to blue
love can recognize
a freeing
life through death.

For the beauty of the skies
called into being
the burden is eased, the cross surpassed.

Gazing upward,
Hear this.

Declare our vision
sunlit spirals
rise above
be now energized
shame and loss
polarity defined.

Command chasms

Visualize anew
bridging now
with empathy
from me to thee
evil to sacred
welcomed girth
ever appealing
evolution remarkably
a desire
DNA’s code
empowered within
to create

A name’s interpretation
forming New Earth.
through feeling
pronounced reliably.

For the love which from our birth,
I am the healing
This awakening spell, employed quite ably,

Empower self
living within.
Power the All’s
sense anew.
Tone one’s notes
desire to be
creative’s created
self renewed
ease and grace
all wrongs
now refreshed.

Our joyful experience
with rights
tempered in love
shared in peace
wisdom lights eyes.
sounding the call.

Raise your glass.

A path
rising from ash
to adventures within
our divine sight
in love with how
one’s highest truth
reveals the prize –
creation enthralls
our expanded class
over and around us lies
serving the All.

The sun and the stars, now ours en masse.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

An overview of this poetic experiment to Forge Meaning and Build Identity:

This Glosa represents Part 3 of a poetic experiment wherein I attempt to create an intentional conversation with the greater consciousness that will guide how I generate and forge personal meaning into a professional identity.

The initial protocol was to create three Glosa poems. The first focused on using a poetic quatrain addressing the initiation of my quest.  The second quatrain and resulting glosa focused on my role, first to heal myself and discover what that healing inspired me to focus on in the world. The second component was then used as a bridge to the conversation’s third aspect, a quatrain used to write a glosa focused on my desired result and the purpose of my time on Earth.

The three glosas, one with each quatrain, are written as discrete poems, which, when placed side by side, are read horizontally line by line across the three poems to create a fourth poem (seen above).

One could think of the initial three Glosa poems generated as the East, South, West cardinal points of a conversation that yields the fourth poem, a milestone articulation which inhabits the North cardinal point on this first spin around the conversation’s wheel.











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