You Gonna Bleed Yo’ Heart, Or Wield That Pen? – A Chant Royal



I been seein’ that green-blue ’round fondala mandala thing
all night long . Gonna set myself in this here rockin’ chair 
t’ shake the truth, what been sitting in my heart’s left wing
’bout how them big words makin’ me grin or be all maddened goo.
First off, I gotta say, the pit-cher be missin’ one unnamed strand.
Well, it ain’t really a strand, it be what shoulda been planned
on that there dizzy flower petal wheel thing all gone spun
with words so big, and makin’ my heart all whiggun’.
What all that turquiose color? Why ain’t that been
named? That be key stuff to all our short and long run!
You gonna bleed yo’ heart, or wield that pen?

That there blue, that be con-shush-ness. That be a whole lot a zing
floatin’ me in ‘n around of all them there words threatening a coup
if I don’t spiff myself clear ’bout how I be cor-re-lating.
I mean like them fancy pants psycho-collegists be yammerin’ to
Oprah all smiling ‘n pretty-haired. This one guy, he say an unmanned
center spot in the middle of me can CHANGE up a plan all grand.
What’s comin’ through all those damn center spots we all be? None
other, he say, than Spirit, energy, that silly-putty fuel we all-some
be needin’ to create what we want. Show me the zen!
that’s what I said to the TV. Shoot. Let’s get this train ride begun.
You gonna bleed yo’ heart, or wield that pen?

Remember how last time we talk? I tol’ you ’bout how we all bring
power t’ the party, ‘n how lovin’ self be key ’cause it be the glue
we want holdin’ them giant word flowers we all be blossoming
all over that there mondo mandala? Ok so we all lined up like new
right? That center part bein’ hooked up – that take a band
of IN-tention to be all maintainin’. You be takin’ a stand
every day, dang, sometimes every minute making sure what won
that point be center, ‘stead of all that pain-tainin’ over stun-gun
idiots dazey enough to be crossin’ your last nerve with the anti-amen
they spew like they Jesus’ tutor, and you ridin’ the short bus for fun.
You gonna bleed yo’ heart, or wield that pen?

Fact is, when that pain-butt Jesus Tutor show up, they just saying
what some inside-us voice been sayin’ but ain’t gotten through
so you’d notice and do somethin’ before that there thought-ing
voice git a bunch o’ that silly-putty fuel, create for real ‘n say boo
right in front of your face and slice and dice till you stand
up and say you gonna go inside and have a one-on-one so the land
outside be safe from shit goin’ on inside. Hell, you don’t wanna shun
that convo ’cause that be one war just go on and on like a re-run
of Iraq ‘n Afghanistan times ten! You don’t re-solve it my frien’-
let me tell you, that crap’ll age your face till it look like frickin’ dim sum.
You gonna bleed yo’ heart, or wield that pen?

See, all that con-shush-ness be like the root beer flowing
round and you is a bit o’ bubble foam – so you is con-sush-ness too.
I hear some them anil-nitpick types call it a-where-ness big-ing
when y’ talk t’ the piece of you be your inner Jesus Tutor, or shrew
or whatever name you give, cause it be your MVP, nothing bland
about that role. Me, I call mine Sister MVP, ’cause she so grand
she take the capital B from Brand and shoot some itchin’ sun-
dried tomato slime all over my space if’n I don’t lock up her gun
o’ distruction somewhere inside that a-where-ness moment when
she first start up inside tryin’ to tell me how I’m missin’ the sun.
You gonna bleed yo’ heart, or wield that pen?

Well, I gotta get going just now as I’m feelin’ a stitch wan.
Goin’ t’ go find my center point and ‘n git my inner everyone
sat down together while I peel me some potatoes, pluck the hen
and rest on this here tale I just gone and spun.
You gonna bleed yo’ heart, or wield that pen?

© Lori Fleming, 2014



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