The Word-Seed Be Sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain













Below is a video/recording of the author reading this Spoken Word piece.


Ok, you just cool out ’cause we about t’ talk somethin’ controversial here.
I gonna jus’ lay it down from my heart, right here on the dang line.
All that waxing the world’s ear canals to the brim with fear
’bout how Monsanto be doing ‘n sellin’ ‘n causing’ Earth t’ decline
is exactly what kind o’ negative crap be feedin’ the sphere the kind o’ generation
givin’ us exPOnentially more of the same damn miseration
that be Monsanto’s earth-killing self. When we gonna learn our react to the shit they’s doin’
be the power-packed fertilizer we need to be plantin’ the Monsanto we been desirin’?
You walk with me here. There be a lot o’ screaming ‘evil!’ that be firing a hot emotin’ fountain
with a crazy sun-like-heat power we could strap ‘n tap if we just move where we be focusin’
You heard? Monsanto’s word-seed be sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain.

You don’t believe me? You got web-access on your cellphone or someplace near?
Look up what the word Monsanto mean, cause I be standing on every life connected to mine.
So quit feedin’ that Monsanto marshmallow ghost-buster terrorizin’ shit our anger ‘n smear
cause it be creatin’ a MarshMallow Man that be shovelin’ all we be into a toxic brine.
Ok,          Breathe.     Let me back it up and be all calm-like for quick tick observation.
Any you all gots kids? I gots jus’ one. The most profound bar-none thing my parent-ation
act undertook was t’ show that kid how when he walk in the room, the light brighten
all perfect for me. I stopped focusin’ on how he not takin’ out the trash, ‘n he be puttin’
beer bottles in the recycle like he musta not had a party while I been gone consultin’
to earn them dollars be payin’ for where he go get his educatin’
You heard? Monsanto’s word-seed be sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain.

My boy, n’ the word-seed planted in his name, Meka, mean Thank you God. And that there
be where I focus every damn time I be thinkin’ for such a smart kid why he not tow the line
n’ do this or that. Now I not sayin’ he Monsanto about to pollute people ‘n water-to-land pier,
but he be the most important thing to me ‘n I still feel the future rests in what he refin-
in’ hisself into – which be the fullness of his name-seed’s meaning. Nurturation
of that tiny name-word-seed his Daddy ‘n I put to his name be what got prioritization
over half my life. An’ I didn’t spend half my life nurturing one perfect word-seedlin’
so I could screw it up by pouring toxic me-chemical energy on an Earth-seedlin’ just waitin’
to bloom into the opposite o’ what fill people with the power of visceral damnation when
they see, hear, or feel Monsanto’s presence.
You heard? Monsanto’s word-seed be sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain.

You think on how much infuriatin’ energy people be generating far n’ near
o’er the bees gone dead, diversities spurned, n’ phosphatey lime
grit poisonin’ water they be infiltratin’ from Tulsa to Tangier
N’ all that sly suckin’ o’ health, safety n’ welfare of the poor ‘n rich so fine
without consultation, hesitation, reservation, but just a whole lot o’ litigation.
See how we got a frickin’ ocean full o’ passion-spirit all splicin’ together a planet’s nations?
Can you hear me now? Cause I’s standing on the top of this here word tower an’
lovin’ every last one of you in the name of whatever be dear ‘n wantin’ tomorrowin’.
I be laughin’ with my arms open, welcomin’ your fury’s power to the future we nurturin’
and together we create what we DO want, by cultivatin’ what be named in the seed’s wordin’
You heard? Monsanto’s word-seed be sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain.

It be said true love save whatever be needin’ savin’. For the love of what’s dear
can we adhere what we truly love to hate to a recognition that the choice be mine,
really mine and yours, on how the seed sittin’ in Monsanto’s name bloom into our sphere?
Here’s be the truth: The Earth, she done always take care of herself – the question wind-
in’ in the mind o’ humans is, ‘are me and my progeny gonna be on that future Earth rotation?
Or, are we gonna righteously indignate ourselves right out the equation?
To power what is truly odious into somethin’ mega-worse or quite melodious be the choicin’
thought to pass one t’ another as a light beaming the way t’ what we want to be doin’.
An’ let me tell you, I want us to do what come next together, and have now  be the ‘when’
we fired up to create the Monsanto-word-seed powered from the heart of Sacred Mountain.
You heard? Monsanto’s word-seed be sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain.

Now I’s not just standing here pouring my controversial heart languagin’
without a thought as to how we focus the one and the sum power we holdin’
into a heart force powering this Sacred Mountain. Text me, I be helpin’ others focus emotin’,
that power they be carryin’ that be what theys use t’ form the Monsanto they be desirin’.
You heard? Monsanto’s word-seed be sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

A link to Chris Delle’s Photography, whose beautiful work is featured at the top of this post.

Over @ dVerse, Shanyn wants to know what crops we yield if our poems were to sprout as if they were seeds—a providential exercise no doubt.


6 thoughts on “The Word-Seed Be Sayin’ I am the Sacred Mountain

  1. brian miller

    tight…seriously, i will come back and study this a bit more later…the way you bend words is pretty amazing…mosanto, ugh…i am glad nature takes care of its own, but we muck in things we never should…and i am fairly sure that will come back to haunt us…

    1. bridge2vision Post author

      It’s quite fulfilling, Brian, to have found a place where that word-bending thing has found an outlet – to have appreciated is another level of fulfillment altogether. 😉

    1. bridge2vision Post author

      It sure does Bjorn, thank everything that be above ‘n below me that we can power something different than what we got now – no matter what the name. Personally if they named it something havin’ to do with chocolate and let me pick the team that run it, they’d be on a whole ‘nother path within six weeks…

    1. bridge2vision Post author

      Well thank you Shanyn. And, judging from how much you have going on in your life right now, I’d say epic is a word you’re living so I appreciate you made time to come here and have a read.


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