Show Yo’self Now, ‘Cause We DoNE Playin’ Hide ‘n Seek

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr., who starred with Tom Cruise in the 1996 Movie ‘Jerry Maguire’











See/Hear this Spoken Word piece read by the author.

You all be rememberin’ Cuba Gooding? ‘Member his crazy talented self align-
ing his power packin’ energy t’ Tom Cruise, the one be playin’ his agent, Jerry
Maguire? Cuba be all channelin’ the power o’ his heart ‘n beat, ‘n that fine
tight-bodied self he be sportin’ this time aroun’. Now that movie weren’t all new-age airy,
Cuba be playin’ with all he got to inspire what he be desirin’ t’ MAKE IT-SELF SEEN.
I’s be doin’ own my version o’ focusin’ energy the size of Cuba minus the caffeine
this mornin’. ‘What the hec that look like’, be what I hear wingin’ and ringin’
around every last one of yous belfry. Well you just stick around for this here chantin’
an’ at the very least you be shakin’ yo’ head at the nutty idea I be speak-
in’, ‘n at best you be sneaking t’ the mirror to see what’s there ‘sides a little laughin’.
Show yo’self now, ’cause we DoNE playin’ hide ‘n seek

I done woke up this mornin’ knowin’ this be th’ day t’ get me seein’ ‘n feelin’ clearer
’bout a topic runnin’ high as outerspace ‘n as deep as the core o’ this here Earth I be refin-
in’ roun’ the truth-show my life be livin’ in. So’s I hop on over to the mirror ‘n laugh in sheer
helplessness at th’ funny I be looking at 4:30am with my hair all crazy n’ eye-lines
deep-etched n’ those bags I be carryin’ groceries in ‘neath my eyeballs. Now I aint demean-
in’ me, that how everyone look at that time o’ the morning – ‘n we all be interven-
in’ quite nicely so we’s look our best selves by the time we step out. Now, speakin’
’bout steppin’ out – it be takin’ some kind o’ fundin’ to be steppin’ out all life-livin’
that create ‘n bake what all be sittin’ in your DNA code jus’ waiting to peak –
whether tulips ‘n turnips or some damn weebles gone all wobblin’ ‘n gobblin’
Show yo’self now, ’cause we DoNE playin’ hide ‘n seek

Now me ‘n Money gonna play ‘n conversate in the mirror n’ see what appear
So I’s stand in front o’ the mirror and say ‘I AM Money’, then I be feelin’ for a sign
o’ what words Money be wantin to describe itself with. Quickity tick my ear
connect w’ my voice and Money say ‘I am valuable. I am here. I be sendin’ you a line
n’ playin’ hide ‘n seek.’ Then my whole body dart behind the mirror, an what Money I seen
be gone! …Til it creep round’ the mirror edge and shout, ‘PEEK-A-BOO!’ like a fiend.
I be all laughin’ at ‘n with Money. We be doin’ that a few more times afore I be thinkin’,
Ok, it ain’t takin’ an Einstein to tell me this be representin’ my relationshipin’
challenge gone all opportune-ity with the plenty-potential I got beyond jus’ a peek
at Money. So’s I go look in the mirror ‘n I look Money in the eye and be sayin’
Show yo’self now, ’cause we DoNE playin’ hide ‘n seek!

Now Money get all pouty ‘n say, ‘but I be likin’ this game! This here
be the only way I get any kind o’ laughin’ attent-in’ from you.’ That there be some icy line
Money jus’ said to me, n’ strike my heart like I be listening to some Shakes-peerin’ Lear
tellin’ somethin’ I don’t want t’ be the truth, but just shinin’ my knowin’ on a fork tine
done just pierced my smart. I’s think for a quick minute back to when my sweet bean
boy be little. He be jumpin’ t’ play hide ‘n seek when I been workin’ like a machine
to pay mortgage ‘n insurance ‘n heat ‘n fuel and just be feelin’ heavy ‘n tire-in’.
He be bouncin’ on th’ couch ‘n tellin’ me to hide my eyes, ‘n when I open ’em he be hidin’
behind the curtains where I can’t help but be seein’ his tiny little nike shoes pique-
in’ my laughin’ energetic self into sayin’
Show yo’self now, ’cause we DoNE playin’ hide ‘n seek

I’s look back in the mirror at Money ‘n put on my smilin’ face n’ say’, ‘sweetie come ‘ere!’
Money not movin’, it just crossin its arms ‘n sayin’ ‘SHOW ME some kind a’ sign
we gonna have fun or I gonna play jus’ outta your reach til you disappear
that boring work-to-live-so’s-you-can-pay for the funeral at the end grind.’
My eyes got all big at Money bein’ all so articulate ‘n demandy, but I seen
if I want somethin’ to show me the money I better script Money a scene
that magnetize and charm the pants of’a it ‘n anythin’ in its radiatin’
radius. So I’s click my iPOD into the little speaker thingy and start dancin’
an’ Money dance along with me! I plumb forgot we even had a dance, a unique
way o’ movin’ our selves around the space toward whatever we both be desirin’
Show yo’self now, ’cause we DoNE playin’ hide ‘n seek

So I says to Money, we gonna write a script together! How ’bout you be the Lion roarin’
an I’ll be the one ridin’ on your back like we starrin’ in Lion King. Our movie be showin’
how playin’ ‘n laughin’ n’ awe-in’ and even singin’ be the show of a hot technique
done outfit all what we dreamed havin’ while we be livin’ in this here new hot-spot Eden.
Show yo’self now, ’cause we DoNE playin’ hide ‘n seek!

© Lori Fleming, 2014



6 thoughts on “Show Yo’self Now, ‘Cause We DoNE Playin’ Hide ‘n Seek

    1. Bridge2Vision

      Seriously, Mr. Talkin’ Earth, where DOES that stuff come from? What I was seein’ was all those rows of tulips up in Skagit Valley, WA during the height of tulip season- all perfect rows – ‘n then the picture went wavy and that’s what came out.

  1. brian miller

    ah, first time i have seen you as CreativeLF…only saw bridge2vision on the other blogspots…

    hey if you find Money out there, let me know…smiles…it def plays hid n seek here…i like the thought of riding it like a lion…cuba has looked rough the last couple movies i saw him in…i guess that happens to all of us…fun piece.

    1. bridge2vision Post author

      You KNOW my 50 year old wrists are cranky when I pour my heart out in response to a poem like you write and the blog refuses to accept my comment. It happened last night with several blogger types. It seems to be in the second step of the process when it comes back to ask if I will allow my credentials to be passed to the blogger site. When I say “ok” – it just registers an error and refuses to post my comment. Yours was the first I had a problem with (I got smarter later and at least would copy my comment into a buffer before trying to post it.)

      And seriously – yours is always compelling word craft – especially yesterday’s.

  2. Gay Reiser Cannon

    Inordinately creative work here. I see a lot of lines to other poets which must have informed this. I love the playfulness while the underpinnings speak to the challenges a woman in this time has to be a provider, to be honest with herself, and to speak in a way that is both poetic and understood. Your humor is in itself a kind of metaphor. Much enjoyed.


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