Flushin’ a Fit

I be in the middle of sorting what all
be fillin’ my livin’ space backpack,
decidin’ what I don’t need t’ be haul-
in’ from here to the next shack –
there at my next livin’ space else-where.
Seem like I been on a down-sizin’ tear
since the home-in’ market crash –
you know, 2008’s moment o’ brash
mortgage’ meltdown causin’ so many t’ split
open who we becomin’ in a move o’ rash
reactin’ n’ flushin’ whatever gonna give us a better fit

Dang subprime crisis. It done give me the gift of Stall!
You heard me.  If’n that whole dollar-crack-
bunch o’ wall streeters hadn’t cast a pall
over a dependable income fact
I probably still be blinded by the glare
of earnin’ somethin’ to pass on to my heir
n’ suffering reams o’ untold whiplash
resultin’ from toxic tasks ‘n constant thrash
o’ my earning value vs. livin’ my values’ snit
starrin’ me ‘n the almighty-dictatin’ cash
tellin me’ what I gotta flush to get a better fit

Them last six years done hold half a dozen big ‘n small
moves, so I’s had a chance to stack
what to take forward against what sprawl
past into use-less-stress n’ need to be given the sack.
Now, I’s can tell my mind’s extraordinaire
recycle bin be chewin’ on this repeatin’ questionnaire
I reviewin’ while touchin’ what all be in my stash
wonderin’ if it be what I need or should it be just smash
it into some Good Will huntin’ box  I be submit-
in’ while relievin myself  it gone in a grateful splash-
knowin’ I done flushed somethin’ to have a better fit

I know my mind be digestin’, cause a technicolorin’ dream-ball
happenin’ every night was bein’ just full o’ crazy set back
scenarios where I discover I had the gall
to forget my ID ‘n files ‘n purse in a toe-crack
at the last stop. I be all wonderin’ what prayer
I gotta pray that’ll re-unite it all where
I gonna live next.  Then, just as I sufferin’ a rash
o’ panic, I git off at my stop and there be a beautiful Ash
tree and my backpack just awaitin’ to transmit
how silly I be generatin’ such a worry-crash
bein’ as I done flushed somethin’ but didn’t get a better fit

That there night-movie done enthrall
me with some ease-o’-knowin’ power-pack,
remindin’ me if I just left it all
n’ rode outta’ here with a banana snack
mis-matched socks and 1992’s underwear,
the moment I arrive there
any need I got for some pink  polka dot satin sash
or those IRS records from before the crash
they be appearin’ exactly when I desirin’ their benefit
cause the All knows I get direction by closin’ my eye-lash
n’ dreamin’ on what I gotta flush to get a better fit

Now, I know that be a strange thing, using a dream-stash
to inform what comfort picture I intend to rehash
with myself every time I get transition-twizzle-grit.
But I tell you, that dream done heal my suffering relocatin-whiplash
So now’s I feelin’ flush, cause I got a better fit

© Lori Fleming, 2014


12 thoughts on “Flushin’ a Fit

  1. elainestirling

    There’s a saying in Native American (First Nations, here) lore about bringing your trail with you as you walk through life, so nothing is trampled or destroyed for the next person. In this royal chant, especially, I see you doing that. The masterful and funny multi-uses for flush; the truly original gratitude for the crash (first one I can recall seeing, really); your growing ease with this poetic form. You pick up all your pieces; you read all the signs. You show by doing your uniqueness and thereby, the uniqueness of us all. The ancient tribes knew the power of working up a chant. You’re dipping into the same well.

  2. Bridge2Vision Post author

    It would be so cool Elaine, if we could get together a collective of chanters for the purpose of performing a symphony composed of what each of us scooped from the pail dipped in that ancient well!

    1. elainestirling

      That would be fabulous, Bridge! Let’s imagine that idea was handed down to us from all those mitochondrial choirs who’ve been singing nonstop since they piggybacked our blood cells…how and all other details, to follow.

  3. Glenn Buttkus

    Lori, I am still reeling with the impact of intense regional vernacular, but thank the All Know (whom I refer to as All That Is) that you film/tape your recitation, which puts me several inches closer to understanding about half of what you are putting out there. I do enjoy your style & you, so it will require that I do some studying on the poem, so that I can be more a recipient of the message. Thanks for the lovely comment over to my place. You will have a real treat going back into my archives, and reading the 25 other BLACKTHORNE poems that will inform you more readily about that Cinemagenic world.

  4. Rallentanda

    transition twizzle grit…ha ha !
    I was smiling all the way through your poetry performance. You read so well. For me, you have be this good to pull off poetry reading. Most should leave it well enough alone. As an Aussie I was gob smacked by your Dolly Parton accent.I wonder if this is for real or just for the performance. I hope you are going to do more of these live performances.To be quite honest if I had not watched the video I would have struggled making head or tail of the poem. I enjoyed this very much . Thank you for going to all this trouble. You know ,you could do a whole series of these on different topics and backdrop settings where you live and put them on youtube.Yaaaay!

  5. katiemiafrederick

    Well..the poem made perfect sense to me..as is..and i could hear your regional dialect there..without the video..but the video is really a great touch..and it’s something i truly think is needed more in poetry these days..as sure enough..somewhere from 60 to 90 percent of all human communication is non-verbal as such..and sure poetry can be non-verbal too..and is still that way..for most animals at least..:)smiles and have a great start to your Summer 2..:)


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