Winged Energy of Delight – A Glosa Series











A Glosa Series

Based on Robert Bly’s translation of
Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem of the same title

Birth of Sunlit’s Son called
passion and purpose
to necessity’s truce –
yet upon his departure
accord imploded.
Purpose faded with fright
Passion lost herself sans Son
and Action stepped up his demands –
all compromised Potential’s flight
Just as the winged energy of Delight

said to be flying from the west
across the pains bearing
seeds of Purpose
Potential’s vision
direction for Action
and light for Passion.
Meanwhile Destiny
is mapping sites where Inspiration
Carried you over many chasms early on

hoping to spark
a formative memory
of trials navigated
through imaginative play.
North’s Big Love rumbles, Remember
once childhood’s joy led life’s march?
Yet now adulthood’s flag of defensible,
responsible, compensable colors
hangs stiff with survival’s starch?
Now raise the daringly imagined arch

of Delight to span treacherous failings
of pestilence, profits and politics –
even your faithless engine
gone neutral over how to
survive a plunge
from atop the ridges
of the razor sharp margins on
which you live. Listen dear Sunlit,
it is joy and directed wishes
holding up the astonishing bridges.


Sunlit­­­ wells up from South below,
Irresponsible, ridiculous tripe!
Big Love exhales, watching
Sunlit’s rebuttal force bang through the cosmos,
orbits shaking into all new phasing.
Sunlit is hissing how it’s work, study
strategy and science that bring
about successful bridge raising.
Miracle doesn’t lie only in the amazing

hardworking Will living East of our center.
Miracle floats to you through West’s trail
of sense, imagination emotion and play.
It’s Delight’s inspiration that leads! Feel it?
Your grown-up’s golden goose it is.
Sunlit snorts in anger
Aesop’s fables babbled by
a slave never set free.
Childhood falsehoods about strangers
living through and defeat of danger.

I mean really, crows tossing
pebbles little by little
to quench their thirst?
All that Delights can only decorate
what is already built.
Me, I’ve used the brawny gear
of power and strength
logic and action to raise and fix
bridges ensuring almost near
miracles become miracles in the clear.

How’s that working for you?
Big Love’s iridescent grin
playfully roams Sunlit’s lengthy
expense column, its final
figure shimmering in red.
Something new to be learned
perhaps? Why has history
always sidelined the part of you
that has never yearned
achievement that is earned?


Because, bug-eyed Sunlit shouts,
it worked! My life was
built with mathematics,
language and reasoned
action – while Delight’s sand castles
dissolved and rubber duckies floated aimless
on outgoing tides – tides,
I might add, my logic predicted
with ease. Your theory is baseless.
To work with things is not hubris,

Big Love rejoins. Creation’s things – color,
texture, shape, and sound –
the path Delight travels in you
joins All that is – with what can be.
Discover what inspires you.
Play with hummingbird’s
Spirit and begin conscious
creation. Logic, action, strategy,
and deadlines all come afterwards
when building things beyond words.

Sunlit looks West to land of Inspiration
where sense, imagination
and emotion fly haphazard
flight paths quite unattended.
Why this incapable crew could not
lead birds to bread crumbs!
Big Love grins. ‘They’ are you!
The ones that power Sunlit’s focus
til outward progress magically hums.
Denser and denser the pattern becomes

that’s where Eastern fortes step up
to direct promotion of Sunlit’s vision.
Sunlit counters with sigh, My experience
knows Inspiration’s judges have
always shunned microphoned spiels
blasting promotional puff
as quite Me-full and crass.
Big Love gently hugs conflicted Sunlit.
Recollect the playful dandelion’s fluff?
Being carried along is not enough.


Big Love queries, What is your dream?
The Sun finally connects with Sunlit’s eyes.
I want to create new alive-ness where
ALL will experience joy of True Self.
Big Love inhales deep resonance
with Sunlit’s desire. Brilliant lengths
of aurora beams wave to celebrate
renewed alliance. Big Love
exhales in laughter, we’ll join our ranks
Take your well-disciplined strengths –

begin with West’s Delight – go play
and create beauty. My Big Love magic
will incubate there. When it’s time
to give birth we’ll call in East’s words,
strategic direction and promotional gifts.
Sunlit ponders. Is this Creative’s Coup?
Yes! Big Love laughs yellows of Delight.
This is me! Sunlight grins. Is this we?
Big Love swirls about – take me and you
and stretch them between two

opposite galaxies. The space
between is not enough for Creative’s
possibilities. Hear me now.
All is Creative whether
painting, politics, poverty,
music, mucus, or any of these things
between abominable and inspiring.
Much touted freedom of choice rests
in the lens through which you’re seeing
opposing poles. Because inside human beings

is where perception spotlights
a story of Creative’s potential.
Each human’s gift to show a piece
of what Love can be. Big Love stops
dancing to take Sunlit’s hand. Please,
meet me where heart’s desire burns
bright on the Bridge of Delight. I promise
that space of letting go concerns
is where God learns.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


The original Poem on which the above Glosa series is based:

Just as the Winged Energy of Delight

Just as the winged energy of delight
carried you over many chasms early on,
now raise the daringly imagined arch
holding up the astonishing bridges.

Miracle doesn’t lie only in the amazing
living through and defeat of danger;
miracles become miracles in the clear
achievement that is earned.

To work with things is not hubris
when building the association beyond words;
denser and denser the pattern becomes
being carried along is not enough.

Take your well-disciplined strengths
and stretch them between two opposing poles.
Because inside human beings
is where God learns.

~ Rainier Maria Rilke, 1924
Translated by Robert Bly


7 thoughts on “Winged Energy of Delight – A Glosa Series

  1. elainestirling

    Do you remember watching TV as a kid, lying on the floor on your stomach, chin in hands, legs swinging? That’s how I felt listening and watching you tell this glosa. I feel you rejuvenating the best parts of humanity, the parts we all have that were sidelined. What’s always been true and what hasn’t been said for a long, long time…you’re saying it. Thank you!

    1. Bridge2Vision Post author

      Ha! I love the picture you paint, and how your perspective has the space to hear humanity being rejuvenated and the same time taking in the experience as a kid might!

      Thanks for watching the whole episode, being such a positive and critical element in its inception, and for what I dream will be our forever-ing connection.

  2. Brendan

    Bly’s take on Rilke was expansive and exhilirating (other translations are more artfully precise but lose the power of bomast), and yours here goes from that into Blake’s wilderness, personifiying the elements (West’s delight, East’s words, the sunlit wells of the South, and the Sunlit) between / within/ around the Sunlit — knowing a divinity by stretching everything wide. Years ago I attended a weekend conference on Blake led by Bly (because I had read his translations of Rile) and it was goofy, huge, wild. The canvas you sing this onto has that scale. Mercy. Short attention spans will run for cover.

    1. Bridge2Vision Post author

      You have me realizing Brendan, that I need to go discover Blake! Did you enjoy Bly’s conference on Blake or is there a better way to characterize that experience?

      It’s a perfect visual you’ve given me here – the Divinity stretching everything wide. It holds both spacious and summary in the one moment.

      Thanks for watching in its entirety. You’re right about attention spans that are, even now, quivering under their 140 character umbrellas. Even my video camera insisted it be ingested one stanza at a time!

      1. Brendan

        Bly’s intro to Blake was just that — an intro — but it was so great that a poet was holding open the door. Blake was a lion of the imagination, you’d appreciate his wattage, and the way he Personifies the elements of his visions reminded me of your poem. “Marriage of Heaven and Hell” is the most accessible of his stuff to me. I’ve never been able to swim his full length stuff. BTW, I didn’t watch the video, just read the poem, sorry: I not much a vid-watcher. However, I should, since I remember from the one I did watch how much of the spoken-word ambience you bring to it. It’s more theater. Have you connected with much audience on YouTube?

      2. Bridge2Vision

        I’m not sure Brendan. The videos get viewed more than the blog, but your guess is as good as mine as to how much of an audience is coalescing because I’m not entirely sure who is watching them.

        I’ve only recently started creating the videos for two reasons, well maybe three.

        1) People whose insight I value suggested I do it, and once I did, they thoroughly endorsed the performance does something the writing alone didn’t do.

        2) I believe poetry is actually a structure to create specific sound patterns powered by emotion. The result of sound, powered by emotional energy, is it creates whatever intent has been articulated in the poetry. It is a powerful tool, and I’d like to wield it effectively toward all sentience having the joyful experience of true self. That said, it stands to reason the poetry, once written, must be spoken for the sound to travel the dimensions, powered by my emotion so the creation can come into manifestation. So, I’m not so much reaching for audience, but trusting if I speak it and put it out there, the repetition via video will unfold as often as needed for creative, energetic force to solidify the manifestation I’ve intended in writing the poem.

        3) My partner A, a brilliant man in his own right, may well “fall asleep” trying to read one of my glosas, yet he stands up and claps when he finishes watching me PERFORM one of them. 🙂

  3. Brendan

    Agreed on all points. I’m just old. Accommodating another channel is more work than I have energy for. Poetry is a performance and should be large. I’ve simply tuned my ears to hear it widely on the page. And tried to energize the language enough so that it leaps even there. Stage performance of poetry is essential too, though I find it resonant in my inner inner ear. I spend my day frantically reinventing media for a failing newspaper business. Gave at the office, I guess. From the video I watched, you perform exceedingly well. Go with.


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