Endorse What’s Already There

Spoken Word video and text below


I’m comin’ off a night o’ dreamin’ caress

marvelin’ how there ain’t never be

a redemption tale without a Judas

starrin’ like some debris

with a mandate t’ betray

the righteous, n’ lead others astray.

N’ if not Judas tryin’ to save his hide

it be Jezebel getting’ astride

a man’s strength with a sexy stare

to render him bait for another’s pride.

Yet, dream says ‘endorse what’s already there’


But Dream, I say, what about the soul-less?

Them shame-full free

creatin’ this loathin’ mess

livin’ and generatin’ currently?

While Knittin-Ya-Hoo slays

the red white ‘n blue brays,

their bomb contributions bonafide

obliteratin’ lives. An entire society denied.

Them reversed spiritual acts, they scare

me for how far humans gone down a slide.

I can’t possibly endorse what’s already there!


See how all kinds o’ sin tagged “needin’ redress”?

Yet sin always insistin’ a starrin’ role in any story

that’s ticklin’ and makin’ us squirm while we guess-

in who gonna lose n’ who gonna win mighty.

Now, you know there ain’t no cache

to command an audience watch a play

about some pure ones who guide

a bunch o’ blameless ones plied

with perfection ‘n prayer.

Those the kind o’ scripts bein’ stamped “DENIED”.

Redemption’s story gotta endorse what’s already there.


Ok, just t’ be all windex clear, you bless-

in alike divinity and despicability?

Even abominations of puttin’ chilren under distress?

Precisely.  You be as much divinity

as you be humanity gone astray.

Know this: Divinity done never delay

pourin’ love on a human’s missed strides

and you divinity, so don’t be snide.

You gotta embrace your cussin’ anger bare

’cause that’s where next step’s instruction hide

within the endorsin’ of what’s already there.


When you be all angry, hostile-y or agress

that be your humanity callin’ your divinity

to consult where heart’s space be processin’ durress.

Really?  Yep.  All that stuckity-muck you feelin’ be

a motivatin’ awareness-spray

callin’ divinity’s light, dark and gray

to settle where a heart’s counsel preside

over creatin’ new choices you can abide.

Divinity lights us choices to share.

What we desire roots in sun’s love, not the fear-eyed.

Go on, endorse what’s already there.


What you hearin’ implied

here is your evolution demands a slide

into dancin’  with humanity’s flare

for Judas ‘n Jezebel, sex, money ‘n pride.

Embrace your Divinity, endorse what’s already there.


Check out other poetic gems submitted at Real Toads’ Open Link Monday.

© Lori Fleming, 2014.


4 thoughts on “Endorse What’s Already There

  1. Colleen

    It’s like Shakespeare on rap. Have I said that before? Nice placement of flag. I like the windex reference and the Knittin-Ya-Hoo turn of phrase.

  2. Brendan

    So here’s this tricolor voice, maybe red white and blue, light, dark and grey or of other bound thread composed; a voice that’s sing-song and down-home and street-level, well-read and deeply thought, and sparring with a dream’s blithe pronouncement to “Endorse What’s Already There” which, these days, sounds too much like blessing a worsening mess. Can’t do that without rehabbing the Divine into the whole holy blight and wonder of it. An adult has to hold the terrified child’s hand gazing across our changing landscape; yet the courage comes from “creating new choices” — godly tasks now ours. Tough stuff, but what else are we gonna do? Your vid is filmed so that it looks like Presidential address from a very green and open Oval Office. Our true homeland, perhaps. (PS, did you intend link at Real Toads? I couldn’t find it there. You should. The forum stays current through today.)

    1. Bridge2Vision

      Seems we are THE gods available to take on the critical project at hand. I’m reveling in the power of those mighty 12 words you stepped into the light here, “…rehabbing the Divine into the whole holy blight and wonder of it”. More proof of why I love reading what you write.


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