Coin Leads Next Move – An Evocation Poetic Lab 1002.01-04











See notes below for how the following verses
were generated from the verses seen in the graphic above.

I am the Awen delivering
Dragonfly’s coin,
abundant provision’s my gift.

Words from outer’s edge
reveal at once
where I live to teach.

Swung through fire’s ring
a path is cleared
to dream and reach
from center’s point.

Fetch there to here,
create and produce
a new understanding.

Open and nurture,
then share it all.

Expansion arouses
this new awareness:
Where inspiration leads
All’s love of truth
now animates
heart, head and hands.

© Lori Fleming, 2014



Poetic Experiment 1002: Coin Leads Next Move – An Evocation

This poetic experiment was launched to assess if one can create an intentional result beyond “insight” by engaging a specific aspect of nature along with ‘word’ in a deliberate fashion. The desired outcome from this experiment is abundant funding that will tangibly provide the momentum leading me from where I am – to where I will best live and teach next.

Protocol: First an outdoor art process was undertaken at the Dragonfly Sculpture in West Seattle to announce my intention to engage with the poetic Awen and the Spirit of the Dragonfly.  (See photos below of the way I chose to move energy and call to Spirit at the sculpture’s location.)  This is the verse I read at the Sculpture:

Dragonfly’s Spell

Soul desires anew, commands the Known.
Acknowledge your coin, its refusal to lead.
Create the image, the color, the smells,
unlimited options, bountiful swells.

This awakening spell, employed quite ably,
Melt this fragment, Creative’s offering.
Transform its flow, beyond the past,
into the now, sketched at last.

The image is drawn, the call has been made,
transform Soul’s desire, into coin’s will.
Command the unknown
Be. Now. Known.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

The next step took the form of an initial verse, written to connect with the ‘Awen’ (a poetic inspiration) to collaborate in a move forward from my present position. The second-middle verse outlines the desire to have abundant funding take the lead in determining/generating momentum toward, what is described in the third-far-right verse, the teaching/living space desired to be in this Fall.  You’ll note an Awen symbol in the background gently indicates this flow.

The three verses are written as discrete poems, which when placed side by side are read horizontally, across the three poems line by line to create a fourth poem, an Evocation, seen in the post above.  (Each verse has 7 lines, which I think of as a musical scale.  You might think of the final evocation as chords being played from the three original verses.)

The pattern: The middle verse is positioned as a center point, anchored above and between the space/place of where I am currently (the far left verse) and the space/place desired (the far right verse). From that center point a conversation has been initiated, conveyed from one side to the other, that says ‘funding” is the momentum energy to be recognized and engaged to move as-a-pendulum, from where I am presently, to where I will be best positioned to live and teach (the thing I am inspired and passionate about bringing to the table during my time on this Earth.)

0DSC_0297      0DSC_0237

0DSC_0851      0DSC_0684


Submitted to Real Toads’ Open Link Monday hosted by Magaly.


16 thoughts on “Coin Leads Next Move – An Evocation Poetic Lab 1002.01-04

    1. Bridge2Vision

      Thank you Colleen. The amazing part is, it worked! I am going to be in an entirely unexpected place starting October 1st – and am being pulled there by abundant resources. There is a great deal about this experiment that can be refined and understood that I’m sure I don’t even comprehend yet – but I have no doubt of the power in uniting the Spirit of some aspect of nature with the power of Word and Sound to create an intentional outcome.

  1. Kerry O'Connor

    This is such an intriguing process. I admire your commitment to the process and all the attention to detail throughout your final piece.

  2. Kim Nelson

    Thank you for sharing your process. In so doing, you offer insight not only into your writing’s progression, but also into your own evolution. Quite revealing and personal.

  3. Brendan

    The high ambition burst through the simplicity of the lines, their tone and measure. I think of Irish triads and I Ching hexagrams and the vatic ritual of the Triple Goddess: But most simply, a breath drawn in, held, magnified there and released. Nice lead graphic and notes and supplemental images. The challenge is to somehow provide a verbal interface through which the reader can experience your truths without the explanation or explication. Hard to do …

  4. Marian

    wait, what? this is really lovely… and my brain got stuck somewhere in your description on the word “funding.” 🙂 which is probably a sign that i should go back and read more closely. i will. thanks for sharing!

  5. Jim

    Best wishes for you, Lori, if this first person poem is about yourself. I wouldn’t share much of this with your students though, as it would be way above any thoughts they might be wanting to have. (Spoken as words from this college professor, now retired after 22 years of teaching.)

  6. Bridge2Vision Post author

    Thank you all for reading and giving me your thoughtful, kind, and kindly cautioning comments on the unconventional tool I’m experimenting with here. This piece covered an inspired effort that rolled several passions into a concentrated, and yes, even complex, process. My sense is anyone who undertakes to create an intentional outcome will be inspired to carry out their own process in some way that is unique to their inspiration. The key is for an individual to hone in on what inspires them to move their own emotional energy and begin its flow toward an intended outcome.

    For me, some aspect of nature is the grounding point for color, texture, sound, light, and shadow to be drawn together as a lightening rod to gather my own emotional energy as I call the highest, most joyful Spirit of my vision to collaborate with me. Then the more logical aspects are woven into the process – mathematics, sacred geometry, and logos.

    The writing involved is not meant to garner an audience of readers, though I am deeply appreciative of those who come here and wade through the experiment and its notes, and engage in giving me feedback. The writing, sound hammered out through poetic form, is intended specifically to produce sound conglomerations as a code that travels the dimensional route of creation, initiating the source of energy in dimensions beyond what I can see, to begin forming the desired outcome at those earlier stages of creation and send it traveling the path down through the dimensions back to the dimension and reality where I live.

    Really, what I’m doing is responding to, as well as setting up, emotional energy dominoes for Spirit/Energy to travel a path through. It isn’t so much magic as a system that allows Creation’s magic to happen with intentional collaboration of human hand, thought and inspiration. And Jim is absolutely right in cautioning trying to teach an uninterested or resistant student body. No teaching moment is successful until both teacher and student are inspired by the topic at hand. That said, I believe if there are those who are inspired by some similar passion, they will find me and I welcome collaborations on that front. My sense is that’s the way inspiration works – it leads you to your tribe, your purpose, and the table where the talent you are is applied to the space it’s needed.

    I recognize eyebrows will arch, and head shaking commences when I say the things I’m thinking about aloud. Yet experimenting is where we test the things that are beyond what we already know about, and for me the passion to learn how to create reality with intention through the power of nature, form, sound, and logos is what drives my time here on Earth. If I spend a life simply experimenting with hits or misses that never quite galvanize into something proven efficacious, or I discover something that is powerful, even life-changing for the individual or a human collective – I am still learning and living a life powered by inspiration. And, living a life powered by one’s highest and most joyful inspiration is precisely what I desire for myself, and everyone else.

  7. elainestirling

    To develop, deliver, and explain a “reasoning technique” like this one is, truly, to walk through a ring of fire, Lori. I’m reminded of the exactness with which I used to read your scientific observations and have to say, thank Heaven you wed that intelligence with poetry, the original Gnosis-Logos. I’m thrilled to hear an opportunity has opened for you. Meanwhile, we have this exquisite sound-word wave to ride and catch glimpses of our own sure-to-delight manifestations.

    1. Bridge2Vision

      Thank you Elaine. Your support and acknowledgement of that exacting-science-part-of-me-looking-for-a-place-to-invest-itself, is always a perfect wind powering my sails.

      It’s good to have something I’m inspired about to apply all that exactness. I am excited to have arrived at the next steps – and look forward to seeing where they lead and who I meet along the way.


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