Waking Up



Last night she asked for a dream
some direction
on what to do next,
along with a wake up call
so she’d remember the clues.

She fell asleep quick
like a lay-me-down doll
confident her perplex
on what to do next
was about to be clear.

A panicked scream
tore into her dream
lurched her awake
in bug-eyed appall
of what she couldn’t be sure.

A waking world rushed in
focused on eight hairy legs
posed on the wall, motionless,
just above her head.
Yes, now she was definitely awake.

She made like melting butter
and slid off the bed
reaching for her dream journal,
intent on documenting
the clues she’d dreamt.

Her note to self read:
The one setting the dream
needs to be more specific. Consider
naming the time and manner
in which you’d like to be awakened.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


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