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Composition Notes to Self

Mind’s power is innocent
an instrument, requiring oversight
managing focus of quantum
alphabet, calculator, antennae

There’s no secret, it’s simply comforting
to know – how to use, feel and channel it.
Use the built-in delay, choice is temporal
decide what you want to be and think it.

Combine the eye of the sun
With eye of moon
Unite under pineal’s knowing third eye.
Now, create something new.

© Lori Fleming, 2014.

When we find ourselves encountering criticism that takes us off- center, a useful approach to help create a “new” present moment can be found here.


Altered in Ash

Mount St. Helens Spirit Lake

Mount St. Helens Spirit Lake

A Rondeau Redoublé


Altered in ash, our scriptures of doom
toasted in flames, those tales of gore.
Thread fresh syllables upon this loom
commence the spin of re-visioned lore.

Disarm economy’s bottomline war.
Diplomacy won, let generosity resume.
Outdated campaigns, tired old corps
altered in ash, our scriptures of doom.

Clear the shelves, empty the store
this heart requires new space to bloom.
Fire burned down, destroyed the sore
toasted in flames, those tales of gore.

Opened to joy, freed Spirit soars
raining revolution in vision’s womb.
Hum new patterns our attentions implore
thread fresh syllables upon this loom

Raise the ancients with articulate roar,
weave new rhythms and colorful plume.
Trust new threads to sun light’s lure,
commence the spin of re-visioned lore.

Witness a story form and pour
thoughtful parades in verdant costume
embodying desires from heart’s full drawer.
Be gone today, those scriptures of doom
altered in ash.

© Lori Fleming, 2014.

An Evocation: Heal. This. Now.


Octopus sculpture near Seattle Science Center.


On behalf of a boy, verging on manhood
whose battered faith for years withstood
a matriarch’s raging agenda so dear
nailed to an aging patriarch’s fear.
Honor his faith this fight will end for good.

Hear me now this call I make
spiral the sacred tentacles eight
gather momentum and holy swirl
on behalf of a boy.

Destroy all barrier to his belief
love will prevail and heal his grief
Open the portals my truth allows
will heal this now.
Spirit and Nature attend relief
on behalf of a boy.

Heal.  This.  Now.


© Lori Fleming, 2014

To the Greeks and Minoans, Octopus symbolized the sacred spiral of the Goddess. Here the poet calls for collaboration with this creature’s inherent capacity to remove negative barriers, allowing immediate healing to flow with ease.

Sacred Mountain’s Ketek

An Evocation

0Sacred Mountain Ketek2


Below shadow, the burning mountain seeds – sacred seeds – mountain burn the shadow below.


The Ketek is a poetic form introduced in Brandon Sanderson’s Book, The Way of Kings.  In Sanderson’s story, this complex form is a holy Vorin poem once considered to be the highest form of all Vorin poetry.  The ketek is read the same forward and backward (allowing for alteration of verb forms) and is also divisible into five distinct smaller sections, each of which makes a complete thought.  The complete poem forms a sentence that is grammatically correct and (theoretically) poignant in meaning.  

Here a ketek has been crafted as an element in a poetic experiment.  The purpose of this element is to call in a collaboration between light and dark, shadow and fire, to ignite a controlled burn of what grows on this sacred mountain presently.  This controlled burn is summoned to make way for the new growth of the seed that lies below the sacred mountain’s visible surface.  Rather than poignant, this ketek simply notes the reign of what is visible has completed its cycle, and calls forth a new cycle, one that brings the bloom of the sacred seeds into visibility.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

One Heart’s Murmuation



Pause.    Transform before transmitting, your subtle trigger’s message
swooping startled reflex from me to U -nified reaction.

A microsecond’s threat, once sensed, whets a mind with skittish fret
What have I lost, what is wrong, what change will be required of me?

What if an economic spasm out there means doom right here?
Fear, once lit, fans outward, sending great shudders through our linked selves.

Treat our moments of trigger with attentiveness and query.
Care for yourself first and foremost with great gentleness and ease.

Our feelings crave interview.  Say, “Beloved  I seem to feel …
A sudden fatigue?  Sense of doom?  Despair?  Fear for my safety?

Whatever I can release personally, I do so now.
Clear and transmute this feeling in me and in the world at large.

Allow me to see and deal with all personal change simply.
I pause to rest.     Breathe.     Protect and restore my vitality.

Thank you, beloved life, for instant relief always in me.”
Now watch a new impulse pattern wave our flock with grace and ease.


This ancient poetry form, developed in the Mediterranean island of Crete, is called mantinada, derived from Venetian for “morning song”.  I first encountered the poetic form at Elaine Stirling’s expansive poetry venue, Oceantics.  The couplets are decapentasyllabic, fifteen syllables per line, and are not required to rhyme. In its purest meter, there would be a midline caesura (pause), though I have chosen a more conversational approach.

© Lori Fleming, 2014