Sacred Mountain’s Ketek

An Evocation

0Sacred Mountain Ketek2


Below shadow, the burning mountain seeds – sacred seeds – mountain burn the shadow below.


The Ketek is a poetic form introduced in Brandon Sanderson’s Book, The Way of Kings.  In Sanderson’s story, this complex form is a holy Vorin poem once considered to be the highest form of all Vorin poetry.  The ketek is read the same forward and backward (allowing for alteration of verb forms) and is also divisible into five distinct smaller sections, each of which makes a complete thought.  The complete poem forms a sentence that is grammatically correct and (theoretically) poignant in meaning.  

Here a ketek has been crafted as an element in a poetic experiment.  The purpose of this element is to call in a collaboration between light and dark, shadow and fire, to ignite a controlled burn of what grows on this sacred mountain presently.  This controlled burn is summoned to make way for the new growth of the seed that lies below the sacred mountain’s visible surface.  Rather than poignant, this ketek simply notes the reign of what is visible has completed its cycle, and calls forth a new cycle, one that brings the bloom of the sacred seeds into visibility.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


2 thoughts on “Sacred Mountain’s Ketek

  1. elainestirling

    A poem scarcely bigger than a dry stem, a few seeds attached, compact enough to take with you should the fire come too close. No fear of loss, then, as the ketek contains the full balance of provisions to replant. (You’ve inspired me to open to the possibility in this form.)

    1. Bridge

      It’s amazing, Elaine, how the form holds everything! I’m marveling at how it took me three years to get my understanding concise enough to fit into that Ketek. I can hardly wait to see the form in your hand!


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