An Evocation: Heal. This. Now.


Octopus sculpture near Seattle Science Center.


On behalf of a boy, verging on manhood
whose battered faith for years withstood
a matriarch’s raging agenda so dear
nailed to an aging patriarch’s fear.
Honor his faith this fight will end for good.

Hear me now this call I make
spiral the sacred tentacles eight
gather momentum and holy swirl
on behalf of a boy.

Destroy all barrier to his belief
love will prevail and heal his grief
Open the portals my truth allows
will heal this now.
Spirit and Nature attend relief
on behalf of a boy.

Heal.  This.  Now.


© Lori Fleming, 2014

To the Greeks and Minoans, Octopus symbolized the sacred spiral of the Goddess. Here the poet calls for collaboration with this creature’s inherent capacity to remove negative barriers, allowing immediate healing to flow with ease.


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