Monthly Archives: November 2014

Nesting Magic



As frost takes it toll
And all that’s grown
Begins to lose form –
Direct your soul
To find beauty
And reveal
Your nest’s
Bedrock of magic.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


Dark Matters to Dreamer’s Light



Voice of Darkness
accept my acknowledgement
of your womb’s sacred truth, your endless
tones describing a world of wrongs
ignored by human eyes
abandoned by soul’s hands

Bring your unabashed knowing
of broken ecologies, misuse,
destruction, melting glaciers
and blatant dishonor of all lengths
lost and revered – to conceive
dark matter as light-filled strength

Hear my invitation, come
join in common space
where a dreamer’s magical light
is enfolded by your betrayed depths –
our antonyms witnessed in unison
a duet casting powerful spells –

That together we might break open
space within our unbreakable vortex –
the opening where betrayal’s grief leads to joy
where all that is opposite, and shattered,
and wrong discovers harmony
in a new reality’s song.


© Lori Fleming, 2014

House of Cards



This is just to say…
My House of Cards
Began as flat surfaces
Chosen saturate
Painted symbol planes
Studied when truth’s shore
Lines were inaccessible
Yet still, I sought rebirth.

Now each wall erect
Placeholders crafting
Sign and symbol within
Another landscape’s mansion
My Vision’s haven
A Third Eye’s retreat
While commuting
Between realities.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


Peace Crimes



The Ancient Forest
Exhaled, saying,
Oh righteous one
What sort of peace
Requires this kind of war?

Where peace-angered donkeys
Gather ‘round my shadowed trunks
Hate-filled love songs
Brayed with great fervor

Their Shadow masquerading as light.

Whether called by a vision
Or pushed by a feeling
Our Soul’s magic wand
Repels righteousness
Yet attracts imagination

Now is the time:
Explore your naïve soul
Fertile with its unruly wisdom
Embrace your tree-hugging shadow
You’re at war to save trees

Yet, we trees are here, saving you.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

When Mountains Fall Down – A Triptych



The view sat stiffly
great height cloaking
a boredom with oneness
and grand broad strokes.

Broad strokes and grand
rumbling within
jarred years of reign
until innards melted, its mass
broken, then at last reclined.

Then at last reclined, broken
bits of glass reveal vital
messages, insight from bottles
grated through arduous
journeys of eachness.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

The Liminal Revolutionaries Movie Trailer



The taxi has arrived

depositing a lovely Bella

at the intersection

where an empowered mother,

a veteran donkey, and

a talented tattoo artist

wrangle their lives

in unexpected concert.


An Eagle above

discerns how each player

is forced to engage

wearing the garments

of another’s history.


What story

will each create now?

Will everyone prevail?

Dawn their own truths?

Honor the past?

Boldly create

futures anew

where each embodies

their joyful truth

incepted from, yet free of

history’s weight?


© Lori Fleming, 2014

Prime Time at the 9/11 Dance Pole



For thirteen years now
We  have gyrated
Through our spiritual journey
Each 11/11 a Veterans’ Day
Presenting another opportunity
To state an intention
Or assess a milestone in our
Contemporary learning
Or unlearning
Of fear and prejudice
And the acceptance of love
Back into our hearts.

May this year mark
The wide point
In our journey
As we begin
To pull our steps
Ever closer
To embody

© Lori Fleming, 2014