When Mountains Fall Down – A Triptych



The view sat stiffly
great height cloaking
a boredom with oneness
and grand broad strokes.

Broad strokes and grand
rumbling within
jarred years of reign
until innards melted, its mass
broken, then at last reclined.

Then at last reclined, broken
bits of glass reveal vital
messages, insight from bottles
grated through arduous
journeys of eachness.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


2 thoughts on “When Mountains Fall Down – A Triptych

  1. elainestirling

    Much fine subtlety and word play in this triptych, Lori. Jarred and bottles, years of reign…a mountain portraying a kind of Puritan aloofness…until great becomes grated with all the transparency and insight that comes with it. I would think this kind of triptyched off your tongue!

    1. Bridge

      I amazed, Elaine, at what you were able to pull out of the crazy unformatted mess that WordPress pressed upon those lines! That’ll teach me about posting from the road.

      That said, you nailed the sense of Puritan aloofness I was feeling as I wrote. That grand oneness, minus appreciation for the detail, is a bit how my earthly self sometimes experiences all that higher awareness as I feel for my connection to “the whole.” That’s when I long for the mountain to lay down and be the eachness of me for a spell.


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