Dark Matters to Dreamer’s Light



Voice of Darkness
accept my acknowledgement
of your womb’s sacred truth, your endless
tones describing a world of wrongs
ignored by human eyes
abandoned by soul’s hands

Bring your unabashed knowing
of broken ecologies, misuse,
destruction, melting glaciers
and blatant dishonor of all lengths
lost and revered – to conceive
dark matter as light-filled strength

Hear my invitation, come
join in common space
where a dreamer’s magical light
is enfolded by your betrayed depths –
our antonyms witnessed in unison
a duet casting powerful spells –

That together we might break open
space within our unbreakable vortex –
the opening where betrayal’s grief leads to joy
where all that is opposite, and shattered,
and wrong discovers harmony
in a new reality’s song.


© Lori Fleming, 2014


3 thoughts on “Dark Matters to Dreamer’s Light

  1. elainestirling

    I don’t know how I missed this 13 days ago. I was elsewhere, pre-Orozco. Now, I see that you may have uttered the Invitation first, on behalf of many of us. This is brave, brave poetry!

    1. Bridge2Vision

      Laughing, I had the same idea when I read your La Mentora. I just KNEW you were bringing the first recognizable piece of response to my direct invitation! This piece was written on November 21st, both because of what was going on in the Cosmos planet-placement-wise, and, because it was a new moon (perfect time for seeding intention) which gave me exactly one month until Winter Solstice – when we celebrate the returning light. All of which leads me to note I love that you found this poem today, at the full moon, as we begin exploring in earnest what pieces we each have generated that are part and parcel to the intention outlined.


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