Tectonic Transparency


Architect and MIT Lecturer Cristina Parreño has created this new prototype for a self-supporting glass facade entitled “The Wall“. The Wall is an undulating structure which geometry changes in appearance according to the position of the viewer.


Plates of clarity
These undeniable flat truths
Conflated with ignomy
Now present as unveiled eyes
Interpret their view.

Behold this glass confines
Shards of truth
Stacked deep in times
Hostaged by excuse
Then fired by fervor.

Survey a report sourced of blight.
See how it changes
Relative to light –
Whether of one or the sun’s –
Channeling perspective’s flow.

These glass plates
Move precipitously.
Our landscape grates
Against this Sourcer’s Stone
Of dark deeds, and evil intent.

Yet, hear me now:  Light forms all,
Even this wretched sacred cow,
Just as we form the light’s call.
Empowered, summon our binary process
to yield this nation a light-filled present.

© Lori Fleming, 2014



2 thoughts on “Tectonic Transparency

  1. elainestirling

    I love the shifting tectonics of this poem. Picturing the poet with her phrases floating on liquid awareness, poetically scrying continental and monumental drifts–both for the shapes they produce and the light they give off. The custodian sweeping his country’s emblem, now that is inspired!

    1. Bridge2Vision Post author

      Oh that’s a perfect word Elaine, “scrying” – I’d never heard it before! I’ve been sifting through the ramifications of a transparency long overdue finally being made available to me, my nation, and the world. The follow-on questions I was wrestling with centered on “what is my next step?”, and, “Where can I find a mentoring pattern in nature to ground my next steps.” As as soon as I saw Parreño’s work, I knew I had my answer – and now I know it involves scrying. 🙂


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