Sow Me Amid Clouds – A Glosa


Sow me amid clouds
lest I miss the Sun,
so I can embrace
the light of my destiny…      ~ Gavriel Navarro

The verses below have been crafted
using a variation on the glosa poetic form,
weaving new lines with the final four lines
of Gavriel Navarro’s poem, “Sow Me Amid Clouds”.

Glosa read by the Author.


Mine eyes, these
lunarscape pilgrims
travel in shadow –
a jubilee sought
in deepest alignment
beneath darkened shrouds,
where Earth obstructs
Ra’s weft of notes
amongst cosmic crowds.
Sow me amid clouds

whether of war, or
perhaps an angel’s moment
of undress, or redress,
or an unspeakable desolation
as blind humanity embodies
Babel’s misunderstood tongues,
their fiery emotion energizing
a soul-filled requiem’s power –
its sound, bending around obstruction
lest I miss the sun.

Let these eyes
nestled within this air-filled soil –
where letters and words
are sent, but not seen,
felt, but not heard –
serve as roots in space
of beginnings not yet ended
and endings not yet begun,
anchoring my truth in place
so I can embrace

this visionary path
cycling through dark and remote
lands of inchoate wails
to become mine own
voice, the sound of light
reaching beyond song or elegy
around all obstruction
to nurture a word-seed’s potential,
my own essence, and incredibly
the light of my destiny…

© Lori Fleming, 2014


6 thoughts on “Sow Me Amid Clouds – A Glosa

  1. Gavriel's Muse

    Evolution of words transmuting into multiple ideas and concepts. I think that is what a glosa is about for me. You have constructed an entire new universe riding on a bleeding moon…

    1. Bridge2Vision Post author

      Thank you Gavriel, for the powerful and inspiring originating lines to jumpstart that expansion. The Lunar Eclipse this morning and your poem’s words became wonderful collaborative forces with which to create.

      It is as you alluded to yesterday – curiosity as to where things incept calls one to travel yet another circle.

  2. elainestirling

    Wow, I don’t even have words for the experience of hearing this glosa, Lori. Something like an exponential bursting out from the core of an inaccessible center, an endless crescendo of the nature of expansion…a meeting of great Minds has taken place with you two.

    1. Bridge2Vision Post author

      Thank you Elaine, you are a vital initiating bridge at so many levels for this piece. And I appreciate you listening to the recording. More so than when I wrote and read it to myself, the soul of this piece FELT its knowing in me through some All-Mind sensor when I said it aloud.


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