Ain’t No One Payin’ for the Sun Rise


There I was sittin’ on a mountain high,

watchin’ the Sun rise to shine another day,

when I caught myself fondlin’ a tired ‘what demise

might await’ story line hauntin’ my mind’s lust for pay.

Bit-by-bit that econo-me spin slowed

as my breath rose ‘n fell, synchin’ a code

of rhythmic wave til I get a lilt-ifyin’

sense my convolutin’ moved on to clarifyin’.

You know, Nature be runnin’ a business in wise,

Which be funny ‘cause my nature be edifyin’

on how there ain’t no one payin’ the Sun to rise.

Ain’t never been empty skies

or a bunch o’ takin’-off day

sick calls from the Sun at moonrise

announcing it gonna stay

at some other node

til its transfer mode

feel more energizin’

or complainin’ how it done doin’ demoralizin’

risin’ n’ settin’ duty for zero prize.

Can’t you hear our stingy elders proselytizin’ –

‘You think charity payin’ for that Sun rise?’

All my sun-spot thoughts wearin’ the guise

of who payin’ for a sun that never play

a billin’ game, have me realize

how crazy-much a fundin’ worry weigh

all dense n’ full o’ forbode

while us humans calculate what owed

and be all justifyin’

what drag of a life be glorifyin’

chasin’ penny-clad security til we dies

n’ don’t care what stuff be monetizin’

We all so brief under this foreverin’ sun rise.

That trail o’ thought had me huntin’ supplies

‘cause I desirin’ a reconstruction to sway

how I be interrogatin’ like McCarthy’s spies

all the trackin’ n’ chargin’ done gone astray

from inside to outside my heart n’ head’s abode.

I’s tell myself, Self, spare some change, lighten a load,

n’ quit singin’ that  self-litigatin’ chant terrorizin’

the flow. Use that sharp intent-logic t’ be verifyin’

how you all aligned n’ sittin’ perfect on life’s railroad ties.

All our heart’s be callin’ for a new type o’ evangelizin’.

Land sakes, there be a whole lot o’ knowin’ in a sun rise.

Watchin’ the sun reach high skies

it warms into me all its light, swirl n’ sway

what be powerin’ all that dies n’ rebirths ‘n lies

in wait for my notice-what-I-notice way

o’ discoverin’ where my next step be stowed.

N’ I don’t pay nothin’ for what-I-noticed-code!

It be some kinda’ cool how the Sun ‘n me cyclitizin’

together so my tiny steps be synchronizin-

a tiny circle o’ daily life with the Sun as it ties

on another round o’ free energizin’ –

no matter who takin’ time to watch a sun rise.

Now I know I need to be stylizin’

myself every day with the Sun’s free hypnotizin’

‘cause it be bar-none the end-all-be-all  prize

Nature giftin’ us with, lightin’ every moment’s devisin’

on our journey to seein’ yet another sun rise.

© Lori Fleming, 2014

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22 thoughts on “Ain’t No One Payin’ for the Sun Rise

  1. katiemiafrederick always reminds me of my childhood..yes the one time i was here…

    As i live in the backwoods..south..not quite like your dialect here….

    But better than that..
    is common sense wisdom…

    shared form heart of dialect…

    and not some science book..of cold hearted fact!

    but smiles..and have a great dVerse adventure today!..:)

  2. Victoria C. Slotto

    I really look forward to reading your poems and this one didn’t disappoint. Left me with a smile and that wonderful down-home voice you are so good at writing. Not to mention the wonderful lesson cached within it. Although, sometimes it does feel like the sun called in sick, but you do know he’s there, hiding behind his heavy workload.

  3. Mary

    Nature really gifts us every day! We really need to appreciate every sunrise we are given….as they are one of nature’s most wonderful gifts!

  4. Gay Reiser Cannon

    An important poem for you, I think. I understand this vernacular..not quite my Texas Twang but a recognizable voice protesting the dark and eulogizing the glory of the light. My personal belief is that the Intelligence exploded light in the form of the BIGBANG and let it matter and anti-matter until sentient life could develop. This then could be part of a grand experiment in foreverness of life..because to the Intelligence, time is meaningless, infinity is a reality, and loneliness is unbearable.

  5. Grace

    So lovely to hear you bring your words to life ~ Nature is such a wonderful inspiration for your lilting words ~ Thanks for sharing Lori ~

  6. Brendan

    I don’t think I’ve ever read / heard poetry quite like this, flip and arch, a-twang with homespun sooth and celestial zingers. What a honeycomb of a mind you plumb–or do you get drunk on sunlight? Loved it.

      1. Bridge2vision

        Brendan, your comment on this piece is the kind of dream feedback I didn’t even know to dream. Thank you for that. I do love honeycomb AND watching the sun – though I sometimes feel like the sun drinks me, rather than the other way around.

        As to memorizing, you have me grinning sheepishly because that would probably require a longer attention span then I actually possess. (I do remember being thoroughly impressed with the piece you put up last OLN and how much time THAT must have taken.) My process, on the other hand is to write a quick chant, go sit by the woodshed door (or wherever else I think I might be able to video for 4 minutes uninterrupted) video it, while glancing at the words on the computer screen, with my nothing-works-except-the-camera old PC, then transfer the video file to my hopefully-will-work-forever PC, and upload it to Youtube.

  7. humbird

    The sunshine is a gift for sure. How we imitate the smile, when it there at the sky, and get sad, missing it! But…it’s up to us to cultivate our own inner sun no matter what! ~ Cheers!

  8. annell4

    I think you have it! Perhaps it is a lot to hope for and a lot to be grateful for, just one more sun rise! Fun to read…a little bit southern….a little bit country…a little bit of vision2.

  9. bostonpoetry

    This is fantastic! It’s almost like a blues song. Parts reminded me of Tom Waits, which is a very good thing, like this:

    how crazy-much a fundin’ worry weigh
    all dense n’ full o’ forbode

    What a great piece chalk full of soulshine.

  10. Glenn Buttkus

    Mike found the blues connection, Gay found the metaphysical connection, and many of us are still caught in the loving sticky web of your vernacular, your home spun filter, like a visit with an Appalachian cousin. Cool that you showed me your other work, in your other voice too; quite the talent & creativity, I must say. Also nice of you to share your process of recitation & filming. Always a joy to drop in over here at your holler.


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