Monthly Archives: February 2016

What I Know Now



“We have to create.
It is the only thing louder than destruction.”
                                                         – Andrea Gibson


It has been a long journey to discover for myself:

Everyone is an artist and we each have the potential to heal the world.

It is a worthy life’s work to nurture
and hold space for ourselves and others as we discover
and tap into that innovative force of unstoppable creativity.
After all, we each are not only capable of retrieving the mysterious,
inexplicable, constantly flowing creative phenomena,
we ARE the phenomena.

This truth holds especially firm
in the face of all manner of destruction, decay and tragedy,
from personal to global,
psychological to environmental,
and the micro to macro.

Each of us is a powerful agent of transformation.
We are here to reinvent the sacred and the numinous
wired to perceive, absorb, and transform knowledge in all its forms
(pain, suffering, destruction)
into imagination,
and imagination into creative, healing energy
that has the potential to heal the world.

Photograph & Subject Artwork © Lori Fleming, 2014