Spring Equinox – Another End of Beginning


When what couldn’t be seen
Comes into focus

When what’s been waiting for love
Runs into your arms

When the way forward
Beckons with color

When at last, the horizon offers
Sun’s rays to all dreamers
Poised to till conflict’s compost
Into verdant landscapes

Remember how once we thought
Earth wouldn’t touch a mind
Under any circumstance short of crisis?

Yet now begins a new engagement
peaceful, passionate, productive

shadow and light balance

letting go what was
leaves space to greet
what is.

And so I shall
Love the newness
Hear the harmonies
And dance Spring’s rhythm

With abandon.

© Lori Fleming, 2015


Kisses & Hankies


A Villanelle

Kisses and hankies, that embarrassing tax
contemporary executives prefer to ignore
an award-winning creativity often exacts.

“Hail our team, their trophies on racks,
movers and shakers the public wants more!”
Kisses and hankies, that embarrassing tax

is never spotlighted amongst brass tacks –
except, when proven the lucrative spore
an award-winning creativity often exacts.

It’s time we blow up disingenuous smack
to honor a truth we can finally adore.
Kisses and hankies, that embarrassing tax

will mend the soul sporting critical cracks,
and subtle a spirit, riddled and sore,
an award-winning creativity often exacts

Hold high the coin, the invoice, the facts:
these are the whole’s conceivable core
kisses and hankies, that embarrassing tax
an award-winning creativity often exacts.

© Lori Fleming, 2015


Solstice Spells in New Moon’s Sphere


Hands of celestial dark and light
Sow truth of all of these –
Land and building, sea and sight

Evidence now this reality
A joyful time and ease
Where highest truth desires to be.

Rise up. Become commute’s Emcee
Embrace each guest’s molting truth
With grace-filled ease and clarity.

Reveal the light within each Star
as travelers shed – the who they were –
to travel onward – as who they are.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


The Magic Carpet by the Sea

Tectonic Transparency


Architect and MIT Lecturer Cristina Parreño has created this new prototype for a self-supporting glass facade entitled “The Wall“. The Wall is an undulating structure which geometry changes in appearance according to the position of the viewer.


Plates of clarity
These undeniable flat truths
Conflated with ignomy
Now present as unveiled eyes
Interpret their view.

Behold this glass confines
Shards of truth
Stacked deep in times
Hostaged by excuse
Then fired by fervor.

Survey a report sourced of blight.
See how it changes
Relative to light –
Whether of one or the sun’s –
Channeling perspective’s flow.

These glass plates
Move precipitously.
Our landscape grates
Against this Sourcer’s Stone
Of dark deeds, and evil intent.

Yet, hear me now:  Light forms all,
Even this wretched sacred cow,
Just as we form the light’s call.
Empowered, summon our binary process
to yield this nation a light-filled present.

© Lori Fleming, 2014


She Asked

Boy Cop

Devonte Hart, 12, and Portland police Sgt. Bret Barnum, left, at a Ferguson protest rally in Portland, Oregon, on Nov. 25. Learn more about the circumstances behind this controversial photo, taken by Johnny Nguyen, a student at Portland Community College.


What sort of peace

Requires this kind of war

Where venom and vanity

Solicit sentiment

Insisting one drown with thirst

While a tsunami pounds our shores?

© Lori Fleming, 2014